CD Art Display 2.0.1

CD Art Display (Freeware)

CD Art Display is a free desktop program that displays the song covers on the desktop in a customizable skin. For instance, if user buys an album via, the cover can be downloaded via an integrated tool and edited with the program’s editor. The program comes with a selection of ready to use skins, but they can be modified with the use of the powerful Skin Editor. The skins are high quality graphics which can be edited and previewed in real time.

Some of the key features of CD Art Display are the following:

• Skinnable - A skin is a customized graphical appearance delivered via a graphical user interface. This is usually applied to websites or software and is usually associated with themes
• It is can download covers from a player’s database, ID3v2 tag, or local folder
• It can download cover art which are available in through a built in tool and show cover art as icons in the system tray
• PNG transparency support. PNG pertains to Portable Network Graphics which is designed to allow transfer of images on the internet. It is not intended for professional-quality print graphics.
• It can show Lyrics