CCS64 3

Per Håkan Sundell (Shareware)

Swedish programmer and computer scientist Per Hakan Sundell developed a program that could and would bring back old memories to those who had experienced using Commodore 64 back in the 80s.  With the use of CCS64, new PCs can emulate the old machine and run many of the software that was enjoyed decades back.

Not only does the emulator show a display that looks just like how it did with the Commodore 64 – an interesting screen that contains mostly text instead of icons – it also has the capability to run old software including games, music, and demos, as well as cartridges formatted on Commodore 64.  Moreover, when individuals use their keyboard, mouse, joystick, and paddles, their computers will respond in the way that the old computer did.

CCS64 is an accurate emulator of the C64, but it also has other modern features and new file formats.  For instance, instead of using a C2N cassette recorder, a 5 1/4 floppy disc drive, and a hardware expansion for old cartridges, users are presented with special files on their modern PCs.

With the use of special programs plus a special adapter, original C64 games in Raw Tape file formats can be converted for modern-day use.