CCProxy 7.3

Youngzsoft (Proprietary)

CCProxy is a proxy server program developed by Youngzsoft and released on August 2000. This program is an Internet sharing software designed to enable users to connect multiple computers to the Internet using one connection. It was originally designed for LAN sharing; however, it was later modified to allow cable modem sharing, DSL sharing, wireless sharing, and WiFi sharing. This means if one computer in a LAN network is connected to the Internet, all other computers within the network may also be able to make a connection. This program also allows users to send and receive emails through email clients like Eudora and Outlook. The program recognizes three account authentication types namely, MAC address, IP address, and User account.

CCProxy features support for a variety of proxy protocols including FTP, HTTP, SOCKS4/5, HTTPS, Gopher, Telnet, and MMS, among others. The program offers some account management functions including bandwidth control, Internet access control, content filtering, Internet web filtering, and time control. The web filtering function enables users to ban particular sites while content filtering bans specific sites using keywords. Time control allows users to set the maximum online time for particular computers. This program also features web caching control to improve connection speed and set bandwidth consumption limitations. Users may also specify bandwidth allocation to specific proxy clients to avoid network jams.