CCFinder 1.2

Ascora GmbH (Proprietary)

CCFinder is a software that allows users to search for images published with the Creative Commons License. The CC on CCFinder is short for Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a licensing and copyright tool that provides individuals and companies a simple way to grant copyright permissions to their work. There are different types of licenses that Creative Commons provides including Attribution, Attribution-ShareAlike, Attribution-NoDerivs, Attribution-Non-Commercial, Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike, and Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. Each of these licenses grants specific rights on using a certain work.

CCFinder is an application that searches images with the Creative Commons license and allow sharing of these images without going against the license(s) attached to them. The software provides specifics on what can be done to the image and how it can be used. The images can be searched using search terms or simple keywords. The animated interface utilizes Windows 8 style and allows users to scan the images and go down to detail view in case they find interesting shots. The search section on the top portion of the interface has buttons that can be used to limit the search. The user can choose to display only images that are freely usable without limitation, pictures that can only be used with reference to the author or pictures that may not be used without permission. On the bottom part of the interface are buttons for downloading the image, visiting the website, and setting the image as the desktop wallpaper.