SingularLabs (Bundled)

CCEnhancer is a utility program that provides support for over 900 programs into CCleaner. CCleaner is another utility program that enables users to clean unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry from the computer. These files may cause significant drops in the computer’s performance and may cause programs to slow down, crash, or freeze. CCEnhancer utilizes the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner in order to import new rules and definitions for the programs. These new rules and definitions allow the CCleaner programs to be compatible with new systems, or adjust to system changes. CCEnhancer downloads these new rules and definitions from the manufacturer’s online database into the user’s computer. CCEnhancer requires an installed CCleaner in the user’s computer, as well as an active Internet connection for downloading updates, and .Net Framework 3.5 in order to run the program smoothly.

CCEnhancer features a simple user interface. The only main control in the program window is the “Download Latest” button, which allows users to get the latest updates for CCleaner. The upper portion provides the user with information such as “Rules Last Updated”, file size, save folder, as well as the download speed. Users are also provides with three drop down menus: Functions, Settings, and Advanced. Clicking on the functions menu allows users to view commands such as “delete custom rules”, and “add portable location”. The settings tab allows users to configure how the program should work while the advanced tab provides options for advanced users.