CC3 Installation

ProFantasy Software (Proprietary)

CC3 Installation is the installation file for the Campaign Cartographer 3 program. This program was developed for game authors, designers, and modders. CC3 is an efficient and comprehensive utility to help create detailed maps for games and real-life applications for both commercial and private use. The relative simplicity and intuitive nature of its interface allow novice users to create maps using the program while the large array of map styles and symbols and customizable controls are meant for experts. CC3 can be used for various types of games including science fiction, fantasy, war, and other genres. It can also be utilized to create units as simple as floor plans all the way to entire worlds.

Campaign Cartographer 3 usually gives the user a template as a starting point to the creation of a custom map. These templates typically incorporate compasses, borders, scale bars, and fonts and styles specific to the genre or application. Templates meant to create a map of buildings usually have pre-set grids, upon which walls can be easily attached. From the template, a user can create a map via overland mapping, wherein landmasses can be chosen and textures integrated. Vector or bitmaps can also be used to fill in areas. Movement, scaling, and rotation for viewing and modification are possible.