CC Magic

Grant Hess (Freeware)

CC Magic is a program used to manage the Custom Content for the game The Sims 3. This application presents users with a hierarchical view of their Custom Content, and has the ability to perform the following functions:

• Combining individual modes into fewer package files
• Sorting, filtering, and annotating Custom Content
• Enabling or disabling Custom Content

Managing Custom Content for The Sims 3 game is necessary in order to prevent technical issues, such as slow game time and content tracking. Some Sims players may have more than three hundred Custom Content files and this may affect game load time as well as system performance. The large number of content may also make it difficult for users to locate a particular object for use. With this application, players can organize their Custom Content into sets, or groups of mods.

CC Magic displays the information on the sets, such as thumbnails and descriptions, for easier identification. The application will display the type of Custom Content in each set, such as Object, Pattern, or Clothes, among others. It will also show the date and time when the content was first loaded into the application. Each set is consolidated or compressed into one package file, decreasing the file count and saving space.