C&C Generals

EA Games (Proprietary)

C&C Generals is a single and multi-player real time action and strategy game. The game is set in the future and players have the option to take on several factions during gameplay. There are three possible team choices in this case. The main objective of the game is for players to defeat the rebel factions, members of the terrorist organization called GLA, the Global Liberation Army, through well-planned and well-executed military strategies. Players take the roles of Generals from China and the United States, two of the countries, which are under siege from terrorists.

Released by EA Games on February 2003, C&C Generals is part of the popular Command and Conquer game franchise and is the seventh release in the gaming series. The game starts with nuclear bomb attacks on Chinese and American cities. Players must be able to establish viable counter attacks for their efforts to gain merit. The goal is to destroy all potential GLA cells. These cells are the ones responsible for masterminding the attacks on the different cities. Once they have been eliminated, the attacks stop.

Aside from strategizing about potential counter attacks, players also get to build forts and construct infantry vehicles including those, which run on land, sea, and air. It is also up to the players, the generals, to rally their troops.