C&C 3 Map Manager

Command & Conquer Labs. (Freeware)

C&C 3 Map Manager is a tool used to provide access of maps to players of C&C 3: Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath. This is developed by Command & Conquer Labs. Hence, C&C stands for Command & Conquer Labs. By the way, C&C 3 and Kane's Wrath are games designed by the same company.

C&C 3 Map Manager enables users to install customized maps for either C&C 3 or Kane's Wrath. They can also edit existing maps and create their own maps through the Worldbuilder. Maps can be deleted as well. The primary feature is to actually help users manage their game maps without specifying a location in the computer. Users simply install or make maps using this Map Manager tool.

This application has basic file management features. It allows players to import and export maps in compressed file folders. There is the “Drag and Drop” feature that automatically imports maps in just a single click (hold and drag) of the user’s computer mouse. They may also filter maps to easily locate the right maps to use for every C&C game.

Other features of C&C 3 Map Manager are:
• Displays map information, i.e. number of players, height and weight of the map
• Mini Map View
• Optional view of the map’s physical location through Windows Explorer