CBR Reader 1.0

Cbrreader (Freeware)

CBR reader is a program which allows comic fanatics to view and open files that pertain to comic books. Users who enjoy reading comics while travelling will be able to transfer their comic book collections to their gadgets and use the application to read them. This reader is capable of opening comic book format files including *.cbr, *.cb7, *.cbz, * .cba and *.cbt  files, as well as image formats like jpg/jpeg, png, bmp, and gif image formats.

Installing, navigating, and operating procedures for CBR reader is also very simple. Users who have tried to open and read .pdf files will not have a problem using the application. The main interface is divided into three parts. The big area on the right displays the image while the left area gives a summary of the file structure and all the page thumbnails. Pressing "Ctrl + O" will open the file, "Up" and "Down" arrow keys will move images, "Left" and "Right" arrow keys will allow users to zoom and the "Page Down" and "Page Up" buttons will switch a page. Users can also press "F11" to switch to full-screen mode, so it seem like users are reading a real comic book especially when using a tablet.