Caveman Craig: Special Edition 1.1

Rhys Andrews and Tim Andrews (Freeware)

Caveman Craig: Special Edition is a prehistoric-based strategy video game developed by Rhys Andrews and Tim Andrews. The player assumes the role of Craig, who is a tiny and agile caveman who travels around the prehistoric landscape to forage for food, elude predators, and hunt prey. The goal is to gather enough food so that Craig can support the existence of additional cave people. The new members of the tribe possess various skill sets like that of gatherers or hunters. It is Craig’s job to provide instruction and training to each of the recruits in order for them to perform their respective tasks correctly. As soon as they get used to their tasks, Craig can proceed to expanding the tribe. The longer the recruits perform their duties, the higher their skills develop. The game offers as many as 35 different abilities for Craig’s recruits to acquire and learn.

As the game progresses, the player will encounter more challenges including rival cavemen and predatory animals. Every time the player reaches a milestone, s/he is rewarded with incentives that makes some menial chores more manageable. Some of the bonuses that players can earn are new pet dinosaurs, mentors, and meteor strikes. A second mini-game is also available for players to take on and earn more bonuses.