Cave Quest

Mdev Studio (Shareware)

Cave Quest is a casual computer game that combines the match 3 genre with elements of hidden object gaming. In this game, evil spirits inhabiting the mountainside have kidnapped the family of the main character. The main character, Isabella, must rescue her family from the hands of the ghost king.
In Cave Quest, the player is presented with a game grid with differently-colored symbols. The objective is to clear the grid of the symbols by matching 3 or more of them vertically or horizontally. This can be done by swapping the symbols with one another. When the symbols are matched, they are removed from the game grid. When all of the symbols are destroyed, the level is cleared and the character can move on to the next challenge. Powerups can be used, allowing the player to gain advantage in some of the puzzle levels.

Cave Quest also has elements of hidden object gaming. In some levels, the player is required to find items on the current location. After all the items are found, the player proceeds to the next level. The game has two game modes. In timed mode, the player is given a time limit to find all the hidden objects on the location. In relaxed mode, the player can find all the items without worrying about running out of time.