Ubisoft (Proprietary)

Catz is a game in which users get to adopt virtual cats and take care of them. The cats are raised from kittens to full-grown adults who can start their own families. Players are responsible for the cats’ well-being; the felines must be fed, groomed, and trained. Players can adopt as many cats as they want but they must make sure all of the cats are healthy and loved. Unhappy and neglected cats run away.

The game offers on-screen directions as well as a User Guide in PDF format. Players start by adopting a kitten. There are 20 cat breeds to choose from, including a Scottish Fold, Desert Lynx, and Egytian Mau; each has its own personality. Players can also adopt alley cats. The adopted kittens are given names and players go on to take care of their adopted pets.

Raising cats involves the following:
• Exercising, grooming, playing with, and giving them medicine when they get sick.
• Rewarding them for good behavior and using a spray bottle to squirt them with water when they get naughty.
• Teaching them to do tricks and giving them treats and toys as rewards.

Catz comes with 5 mini games where users can play with their cats. In addition, the game features toys and clothing for cats, weather effects, playscenes, and day and night cycles.