United Soft media (Shareware)

Catan is a computer adaptation of the strategy board game Settlers of Catan. The goal of the game is to dominate an island by building settlements, developing holdings, constructing roads, and trading and acquiring resources such as wood, ore, and grain. Beginners are given a tutorial explaining the rules of the game. Players can go against their friends or the computer. When playing solo, up to three computer opponents can be set, each with a configurable level of expertise and personality, which can be neutral, friendly, or aggressive. There are ten computer opponents to play against, such as Nassir the merchant, Sean the knight, and Jean the pirate.

The game comes with the expansion sets Cities & Knights and Seafarers. It also includes two special scenarios titled “Great Canal” and “Enchanted Island.” Every time a game is launched, a random map is created, so each game gives a new and unique challenge. Players can also create their own scenarios and game maps that can be shared with friends and with other Catan players online. The game comes with two graphic sets, so players can choose between the genuine board game setup (classic mode) or with realistic 3D graphic scenes.

Points are rewarded to players as they develop and expand their settlements. The player who first earns 10 victory points is declared the winner.