Catalyst Control Centre

ATI Technologies Inc. (Freeware)

The Catalyst Control Centre is a graphical user program included in the AMD Catalyst Driver Package. This application serves as the command center for ATI’s Radeon Graphics Card. It also provides control to the display features of ATI-based software and hardware. The program comes with a South Bridge Driver used for the ATI chipset and Graphics Driver used for the ATI graphics card.

The Catalyst Control Center application offers different menu options for configuring the display’s features. It has an Information Center menu that shows detailed information regarding the computer’s graphic hardware and software. The application can also be used to arrange displays, configure desktop resolutions and display the refresh rate through its Display Manager menu. It also has a Monitor Properties menu that provides settings for adjusting the size and position of display, configuring the attributes of the Display Data Channel (DDC) monitor and displaying information about the linked monitor.

The Display Options menu provides settings for optimizing the performance of Direct 3D and OpenGL applications while the Digital Panel Properties menu can be used to configure Image Scaling and DVI settings.

The Catalyst Control Center program can also adjust 3D application features through the 3D menu. This menu also provides settings for configuring Anti-aliasing, Standard Settings, Catalyst A.I., API-Specific, Mipmap Detail Level and Anisotropic Filtering.

Color properties of the display/s can be modified through the Color menu of the program while video settings can be changed through the Avivo Video menu. The VPU Recover menu is also available to enable the detection of an ATI display driver. This usually occurs when the graphics processor does not respond to display-driver instructions.

The Catalyst Control Center application can be launched from four access points: Windows System Tray, Windows Start Menu, Predefined Hotkeys and Desktop Shortcuts. Launching the program through Predefined Hotkeys can be done by setting up the Hotkeys through the program’s Hotkeys Manager. The Hotkeys Manager Feature can be also be used to display, enable, edit, sort and apply pre-defined hot keys.