Castrol Honda 2000

Midas Interactive Entertainment (Freeware)

Castrol Honda 2000 is a simulator bike racing game developed by Midas Interactive Entertainment. It features Castrol Honda racing bikes that was champion during the time of this game's release in 2000.  The game allows players to race on 20 real tracks with Honda racing bikes from different parts of the world. Also, it allows players to tweak the designs of the user bikes or customize them based on their preference. This includes tires, trail offset and tires.

A notable feature of the game, which most players enjoy is the sprocket setting that allows gear ratio changes of their Honda bikes. Players can do something to make their bikes run smoothly and be able to win the race. Here, each player can adjust the gear of the bike. In addition, the bike would react just like in real life. This results to a smoother bike simulation especially during tight turns to achieve reasonable speed on the road. Racetracks can be done during two modes with either a rainy or sunny setting. Preferred language can be set before playing and practice sessions is allowed.

The game is similar to the Motorcycle Race and Moto Racer 2 from EA Sports. These games would make riders take realistic movements and is playable against 23 simulated players. Its tracks are decent and  players would hear real engine sounds while racing for the added realistic effect.