Castle Vox 1

Sillysoft Games (Shareware)

Castle Vox is a turn-based strategy game in which players have to capture their enemies’ castles to win. There is a variety of war maps to choose from, spanning different historical periods as well as fantasies and mythologies. This includes the Napoleonic Wars, Outer Space, the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, and even Hades. This game comes with a map editor that lets players make their own game boards. Players can also download maps created by other players around the world by accessing the game’s website and selecting the map they prefer.

Turns are done simultaneously, so that players do not have to wait for others to make their moves. Once the moves are planned, the game resolves a battle, so that players can finish a game within a short amount of time and move on to the next. The multiplayer mode allows players to collaborate with others to form a team. Whole continents can be occupied by members of a team to earn bonuses. In this mode, players can discuss their strategy with teammates in a private chat room. When in online multiplayer mode, players can engage in fast skirmishes or in a slower game that allows them to make only one move a day.

The game tracks the player’s progress through different maps, and players are ranked according to their accomplishments and conquered lands.