Casper 8.0.4420

Future Systems Solutions, Inc. (Shareware)

Casper is a backup application that is capable of creating an exact copy of the operating system. The copy can be used to restore the system in case it crashes. The program has a simple user interface that comes with a wizard to help users through the steps of using the application. There are different tasks that can be done including copy a drive, create an image, restore an image, and explore the computer.

Here are the program’s main features:

• SmartClone – The application’s SmartClone technology creates a complete backup of the computer’s operating system. This saved file can be used as an alternative to the bootable disc that came with the computer.
• AccuClone – The program also comes with AccuClone, a type of technology that ensures that drivers and applications are working perfectly. This is used for enhancing the performance of the system and programs.
• USB Boot – The program can be used to back up the operating system from a USB thumb drive.

Casper has an explorer-style interface, which makes it easy to use for those who are already familiar with the Windows operating system. Users can access task buttons at the left panel of the window and view all their saved profiles on the main area.