CashRegister Application


CashRegister Application is a business tool and information management application created by Intuit. It is developed for commercial establishments that involve retail merchandising. Among businesses that use this program are grocery stores, hardware stores, furniture stores, coffee shops or cafés, and restaurants. This application assists users by automating the daily sales or profit activities of a business. It keeps track of cash, credit card, and debit card payments.

One of the major features of CashRegister Application is to generate multiple copies of receipts. These can be printed out from the same device, and the duplicate copies can begiven to customers or clients. These serve as information on the profits, sales tax rate, and other important content related to the establishment’s revenue.

Users provide information into the program. They can put the name of the business, the assigned cashier, and other information necessary for printing out receipts and listing business data. It also keeps track of records of purchase history with dates, and credit and debit transactions. Business owners can also see a record of items that are the most profitable and most popular. It can also generate reports that users can study to determine how their business is doing sales-wise. This application is a 3-in-1 program. It is bundled with a cash drawer or register, receipt printer, and a credit and debit card reader.