CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc (Proprietary)

Cashflow 101 is a financial educational board game. It is a program that teaches players accounting principles and financial strategies. In the game, players aim for substantial monthly income by investing virtual money so they can familiarize themselves with the concepts of sound investing and financial accountability.

The core features of Cashflow 101 are the financial statements which players are required to fill out so they will have a clearer picture of where their money goes. The goal is not to run out of cash and to turn excess cash towards investments that provide additional income each month. Players can select from a range of starting careers. These include airline pilot, lawyer, mechanic, truck driver, and a host of other jobs and professions. The players can then fill out their financial statements accordingly. Replacing score cards, these financial info sheets demonstrate how assets create income and how liabilities generate expenses.

In the course of the game, players invest in various deals. How these players handle their deals will determine their financial success or failure. They learn to log every change to their financial statements. As the player gets educated by and skilled in the financial game, they learn financial literacy that can be applied to monthly budgets and day-to-day expenses, among other aspects of personal finance.