CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc (Proprietary)

Cashflow 202 is a sequel to the financial education game Cashflow 101. The end-goal of the game is to educate users on financial literacy; specifically the investing aspect of it. While it still follows the same concepts and teaching approach of its predecessor, Cashflow 202 developers have improved the game by using a more realistic environment and additional financial variables. The sequel has placed less focus on personal budgeting and instead on using current income to generate additional income via sound investing processes in a virtual stock market.

The games level of difficulty has also been increased. For example, stock trading in Cashflow 202 has become more realistic, making purchases and sales of stock a highly involved decision-making process. As in the real world, stocks can rise or plummet, and the player can actually go bankrupt in terms of virtual capital.

While the game’s stock market only deals with several kinds of stocks, the numerous aspects of trading and what the player needs to do to stay afloat in the market make it a highly detailed simulation. Through trial and error, the player learns how to play the stock market and avoid the financial pitfalls that come with the territory.