Cashbook Complete

Acclaim Software Ltd (Shareware)

Every accountant knows how stressful doing paperwork can be. Even with spreadsheet programs that can help with the numbers and organization, it always pays to have software that is completely specialized for a certain task. This is especially true if the task at hand is very specific and requires specialized tools that were designed to do the task. Acclaim Software has brought accountants a gift with Cashbook Complete. A tool that was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive solution for small business accounting.

True to its namesake, Cashbook Complete provides users with the complete set of tools required to perform accounting tasks for small businesses. The cashbook feature provides users with easy data entry and recording. The program provides easy and hassle free bank account reconciliation via the Internet. This means users can import bank statements to the program so they can easily manage their bank information. Multiple styles of invoicing can be done from within the program. Users can create their own letterheads and for these invoicing statements, quotes and other official communications. Any and all bookkeeping tasks can be performed by Cashbook Complete. This program doesn’t just deliver a complete solution but it packages it inside an extremely efficient and ergonomic user interface.

Other Key features include
• Ease of use
• Multiple user support
• Timesheet support