Cartoonist 1.3

VicMan Software (Freeware)

Cartoonist is a graphic application for creating caricatures from digital photos. The application was first released in 2007. The program has a simple interface that beginners can user. All the tools and buttons for doing tasks are present on the application’s main window. Users can specify the part of the photo to warp and use the warp radius slider at the bottom of the screen to control the changes on the image. Users can also change the background color for the photo. All the changes made to the image can be easily undone using the undo button. Users can also remove all the warps on the photo and go back to the original image by clicking on the reset button. The program supports different image file formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP. After warping the image, users can set the image quality before saving the file. There is also an option for preserving the EXIF information of the image.  

Other features of the Cartoonist program include the following:
• online tutorial for using the application
• easy to use interface
• save image in different file formats
• change the radius of the distortion area
• change skin of the program