Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

Beenox (Proprietary)

Cars: Radiator Spring Adventures is a game which concerns racing which is based on the Disney-Pixar film, Cars. It was released in 2006. It is set in Radiator Springs, which is also the setting of the movie. In this game, players take control of Lightning McQueen, the series’ main character. The player has to take McQueen in various activities which involve him and his friends. Most of the characters McQueen interacts with have also appeared in the movie. These activities are ten in total. Furthermore, the activities are different from each other. Some involve races. Others involve other non-racing tasks such as dancing.

Cars: Radiator Spring Adventure’s main feature is the races that Lightning McQueen has to participate in. The game also puts a player in control of other characters during races. These races do not have a similar set of conditions. For example, one mission involves taking the role of the Sheriff. The player’s task is to arrest enemies (which are also cars) and impound them. The races also do not have the same set of courses. In one of the courses, Lightning takes on an obstacle race course.

Each activity in the game has 5 levels. Users have to beat the 5 levels of every mission to unlock championship races. The game also provides tips that can help the main character during important races.