Carrara 8

DAZ 3D, Inc. (Proprietary)

Carrara 8 is a computer program from DAZ 3D, Inc. This tool is compatible with DAZ format and Poser. This fun application is powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of professional users. It is a tool that provides novice and skilled users with all the basic animation and three-dimensional content and more. Custom tools are available as well.

The main functions of this utility are 3D figure posing, rendering, animation and modeling. It is most popularly used in rigid and soft-body dynamics and landscape design. As such it offers a wide array of generation tools for landscaping. This program is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac.

Carrara 8 also provides the use with modeling features that are more traditional. Here are some of the features that landscape artists will find useful in their rendering tasks:
• Posed meshes editing
• Photometrics and negative lights
• Lighting and effects (e.g. barn door and God rays)
• Enhanced COLLADA data exchange and FBX

This application is intended to exceed industry standards with advanced Graph Editor and Key Frame Filters which are indispensable keyframing tools. It is designed to be capable of perfecting animation, refining, and smoothing making it a time-saving tool. Carrara 8 is an affordable single application that serves as an all-in-one package.