Rei Hobara (Freeware)

CarotDAV is a desktop application that connects multiple cloud storage applications into just one interface. With this program, multiple cloud storage accounts can be managed in just one dashboard. Files in the cloud accounts that are connected can be viewed, opened, and even deleted in just one interface. Files can also be uploaded to their respective cloud accounts. The same is true with downloads. Downloads and uploads can be resumed in case Internet connection has been lost. It even lets the user securely encrypt the data before the uploads. Cloud accounts supported are SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SugarSync. The program can also read Google Docs.

Cloud storage accounts can be connected immediately in CarotDAV's main window. When a connection has been authenticated, files can now be downloaded, renamed and even copied. The same is true with folders. With the interface's "view" tab, the files can be arranged, group, and even viewed in various ways depending on the selected preferences. The "Help" section is where users can view help topics on how to use the application.

CarotDAV supports various character encodings. Among them are UTF-7, EUC-JP, and Big5. It also supports a master password system. In this way, there is no need to sign into different cloud accounts from time to time.