Carl the Caveman

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Carl the Caveman is an arcade puzzle game developed by the company, Ferocious Hamsters. The player’s task involves guiding Carl in overcoming a series of levels, wherein he has to gather mushrooms and treasure items as well as destroy various obstacles like blocks and crates. The appearance of a yellow exclamation mark signifies a puzzle that the player must solve in order to advance in the game. Another challenge for the player is Carl’s inability to jump; therefore, the player must utilize magical springs and block to help Carl move around the panels. Unless Carl lands on a bed of spikes, he does not sustain any damage when he falls, but the player must make sure that he picks up all necessary items before allowing Carl to fall.

Carl the Caveman features three game modes: Arcade, Kids, and Logic. In the Arcade mode, the player must solve moderately difficult puzzles within a set time limit. As the name denotes, the Kids mode is designed for younger players to enjoy. It comes with a tutorial that guides the player through the game’s basics. The Logic mode is puzzle-based, so the player must think carefully before making an action. The game’s 3D environment features colorful flowers, dancing clouds, and unexpected characters.