Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver 1.1

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver is a screensaver application developed by 3planesoft. A screensaver program is primarily used for entertainment and security purposes. This screensaver offers a 3D view of a Caribbean island. It displays a coral reef lagoon filled with various elements. The screen is divided into two areas. The upper area displays a view of the island lagoon with a moving speedboat while the bottom area displays a scenic view of the ocean with different corals and fishes in it. As a 3D screensaver, most elements of the background are constantly and randomly moving. These movements provide a realistic aquarium look on the monitor.

Aside from the screensaver itself, the program also offers the 3Planesoft Screensaver Manager. This is installed together with the program. This Screensaver Manager is used for managing all of the screensavers purchased from 3Planesoft. It is used for choosing which screensaver to use, launching the chosen screensaver in a random or predetermined order, previewing screensavers, displaying detailed information about available screensavers, and configuring screensavers. A tool for updating the installed screensavers is also available.

Each 3Planesoft screensaver offers various settings. For the Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver, the available configuration options include Video Mode Selection (i.e. using desktop settings), Video (i.e. Graphics Quality, Camera Rocking, Enabling/Disabling Watercrafts), Options (i.e. Gamma Control, Monitor Aspect Ratio, Exit on Mouse Move), Sound Options (i.e. Enable/Disable Sounds and Music, Play My Music, Edit Playlist, Sounds and Music Volume), and Monitor Selection.