CargoPilot 1.0

Just Flight (Shareware)

CargoPilot is a game that tasks users to fly aircrafts and transfer cargo from one location to another. The program is compatible with Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X from the same developer. At the start of the game, players are given a small aircraft to work with. Players must climb the career ladder to be able to fly bigger and more expensive jets and aircrafts. Small jobs are given at the start of the career, such as delivering chickens. As the aircrafts used get bigger, cars and other larger items must be delivered. Players must ensure that the cargo is delivered safely and on time. As more money comes in, players can open up bases in different parts of the world to expand operations.

Under the aircraft configuration window, players can customize settings, such as the fuel capacity, wingspan, cruise altitude, range, and maximum cruise speed. Players can also view a summary of the cargo business under the Profile Management menu. This menu displays the name of the pilot, name of the company, the aircraft, base location, and other important information. The game also comes with a paint tool, which allows players to customize their aircraft and company.