Ice-Pick Lodge (Shareware)

Cargo! The Quest for Gravity is a puzzle game developed by Russian company Ice-Pick Lodge and published by bitComposer Games. Released in April of 2011, it features a quirky plot that follows the Earth’s apocalypse brought about by incompetent deities. The planet is completely flooded and gravitational force is disabled, causing buildings and islands floating in the air. Furthermore, the gods have decided that humans need to be replaced by creatures of different species. In this game, the player takes on the role of an engineer named Flawkes, who is aboard a cargo blimp. He is one of very few remaining humans on the planet, and he travels to a strange island inhabited by mysterious creatures called Buddies. Flawkes’ arrival is greeted with joy and celebration, although it results in the blimp crashing to the ground.

Three mechanical deities called Manipu start to control Flawkes with the goal of turning their world into a new planet. The player carries out various tasks all over the island while getting at odds with the gods. One of the main objectives of this game is building vehicles using a selection of pre-set components. Players can find blueprints around the island, which can be used to construct various vehicles such as boats, cars, planes, and hot air balloons.