I.R.I.S. (Image Recognition Integrated System) S.A. (Proprietary)

Cardiris is a tool that is created to capture textual data and images which are contained on business cards. This utility is essentially a business card scanner that is lauded as the fastest scanner in the world. This program can scan as many as 800 business cards in an hour’s time. The scanner works equally well in systems that run on Mac, Unix, Linux, and Windows.

Cardiris also automatically retypes scanned business card content. One of its main features is that the program can recognize which data is to be kept and which are to be discovered through its powerful field comparison function. This utility has the following basic features:
• Mobile scanning without the need for a computer
• Can recognize business cards from a total of 218 countries around the world
• Fast recognition time
• Retrieved data can be exported to the address book, Google contacts, Outlook and others

The data is saved in JPEG file format to the desired storage location. There are three possible memory types for the scanner to choose from, namely built-in memory, flash drive, and memory card. Cardiris is a utility created by I.R.I.S. (Image Recognition Integrated System) S.A. The scanned business cards can be used in other applications such as Entourage, Lotus Notes, MS Outlook Express, Address Book, and MS Outlook.