Carbonite InfoCenter 5.4

Carbonite, Inc. (Freeware)

Carbonite InfoCenter is the companion software of the Online Backup product, Carbonite, developed by the company of the same name in 2011. Carbonite InfoCenter allows users to view their account status, as well as manage their Carbonite account remotely. Users may customize backup schedules, restore files, manage settings such as Carbonite’s bandwidth allocation, and view Account and Subscription status. Users may also contact the Carbonite Customer Service through the Carbonite InfoCenter.

Carbonite InfoCenter user interface features five tabs with the Back Up tab selected as a default. Online Back Up shows the backup progress. It also shows the number of files and the corresponding size of current files on backup and those yet to be uploaded. Mirror Image shows the last time an image of the files was created. Restore Tab allows users to search files on the online backup using search parameters. Restore tab also allows users to browse files in the Carbonite Backup Drive and restore files through right-click options. Settings tab allows users to manage backup schedules, internet usage, and to revert to default selections. Users may specify settings for both the Online Backup and the Mirror Image. Accounts tab shows account login and subscription information particularly Expiration date, Software version, Serial Number, and Activation code. Personal Information panel allows users to specify Computer nickname, Email address, and Password. Lastly, Support tab directs users to the Carbonite Knowledge base.