Carambis Registry Cleaner

MEDIA FOG LTD (Shareware)

Carambis Registry Cleaner cleans and repairs items in the Windows registry. The application is capable of detecting errors and junk files that can slow down the system’s speed. The program’s main interface is simple. It consists of four tabs – Review, Errors, Optimization, and History. The Review tab shows the registry status and the optimization status. Users can start the computer scan by clicking on the ‘Correct errors’ button. To start optimizing the system, click on the ‘Optimization’ button.

Carambis Registry Cleaner also offers settings for using the program. The application can launch immediately after the system starts. Users can also set a scanning schedule on the general settings tab. The scan schedule can be set daily, weekly, or monthly, and users can also set a specific time to start the scan. Users can also add scan exceptions under the settings window.

After scanning the entire system, the errors are displayed under the results tab. Under the tab, users can view where the errors were found (general dll, file operations, system file associations, application patches, etc). Under the History tab, users can view a list of all the corrected problems that were found in the system. The list shows the date and time for the scan, as well as the number of errors and the number of corrected errors.