Car Tycoon

Vectorcome Development (Proprietary)

Car Tycoon is a simulation game developed by Vectorcome Development and published by Fishtank Interactive in 2003. The gameplay centers on the premise of the player managing a business that manufactures cars.

The game aims to immerse the player in the world of automobile manufacturing, where all aspects of creating an automobile model, managing assembly line factories, and marketing the products are vital to the success of the player. Other challenges are present to keep the game play going, all of which are specifically chosen to simulate the real-life difficulties faced by car companies. Some of these challenges include the following:

• Customers who often change their minds – the challenge in selling your vehicle models is compounded by this factor, where fickle customers make it difficult to market cars that go against the grain of whatever is trending at the moment.
• Competing car manufacturers – although the game only requires a single player, the program usually sends in models for sale from other unseen car makers in an attempt to lure your potential customers away from your showroom.
• Rapidly advancing technological advancements – a player’s line of cars can only sell well if it incorporates bleeding-edge technology; an outdated model is not something that the customers will buy. This is where the player’s marketing skills are put to the test.