CaptureWiz Pro application file 5.4

PixelMetrics (Shareware)

CaptureWiz Pro is an application for getting screenshots of the desktop. The application has a small window where users can click on task buttons to start recording. Alternatively, users can click on the Capture menu to see the different options for recording. Some of the different options for recording are the following:

• Full Screen – This option allows the user to record the entire desktop.
• Area – This allows the user to choose a portion of the desktop to record by selecting.
• Audio – This option records any audio coming from the computer.
• Window – This enables users to record an open window on the desktop.
• Video – The Video option records a video playing on the computer.

CaptureWiz Pro is useful for creating presentations, tutorials, and demonstrations. The application is simple and easy to use. Users can even add hotkeys for the different controls using the program. Users can tweak the program’s settings by accessing them under the Options window, which consists of 7 tabs – Main, Capture Bar, Video, Audio, Editor, Output, and Misc. Files recorded using the program can be saved in different formats including GIF, AVI, or WMV. Recordings can be saved in the computer’s hard drive or emailed. The program comes with a comprehensive help file that helps users utilize the application.