Capture NX

Nikon (Proprietary)

Capture NX is an image editing and processing software developed by Nikon for its Nikon line of cameras. This program enables users to edit and manage images and photos taken using Nikon digital cameras. It features non-destructive editing of NEF image file formats. This program also features support for other image file formats including JPEG and TIFF.  

Capture NX features U Point technology, which simplifies image isolation and image selection of significant areas for enhancement. This program features image selection functionality that enables users to show the particular areas of the image that are selected in a reverse black-and-white view. This makes it easier for users to see the selected areas. Selective tools include the Lasso tool, Brush tool, and the Marquee tool. This program also features the Gradient and Fill/Remove tools used in the application of enhancements. This program features traditional image modification options. Modifications are saved into an Edit list that users may refer back to in order to keep track of enhancements. This program also features batch processing function that enables users to manipulate and modify multiple images simultaneously.

Capture NX features multi-function versatility as to Nikon Capture functions. These functions include D-Lighting, Color Aberration Control, Vignette Control, Image Dust Off, and Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image transformations. This program also features noise reduction functions and has distortion control functions including barrel distortion effects and pincushion reduction. Additionally it features Color management control support.