Capture-A-ScreenShot 1.07 (Freeware)

Capture-A-Screen is a simple program made to take snapshots of computer screens. It allows the user to choose whether to capture only a selected area of the screen, an active window, or the whole display on the monitor. It is user-friendly and easy to learn even without having advanced computer knowledge. It is useful for taking snapshots of multiple web pages if the user opts to review the webpage offline. Its interface is straightforward and provides a number of options for users, making the use of the program very direct. It allows the user to rename the captured image from an automatically-generated file name and save the image to a certain folder.

Capture-A-Screen is very much like the “Printscreen” key on keyboards but unlike “Printscreen”, this application allows the user to choose which part of the screen to capture. However, it does not have a keyboard shortcut and the user have to click the “Capture” button every time the user uses the application. It does not automatically open the captured image and the user has to open the captured image from the file folder.  It does not also minimize into the system tray. Nevertheless, Capture-A-Screen makes it easier for users to capture and grab captured computer screen images.