Captura 1.5

HernanSoft (Freeware)

Captura is a simple tool used for taking screenshots of a desktop. It can be an alternative to the Print Screen function of computers. The program is simple and easy to use. Even novice computer users will be able to make use of the application. It offers three types of capture methods:

• Capture a section of the screen – This capture method allows the user to save an image of a portion of the screen.
• Capture full screen – This capture method captures the entire screen.
• Capture full screen after 10 seconds – This capture method takes a screenshot of the entire screen after 10 seconds of clicking the button. This is useful if the user needs to make some changes on the screen before taking a shot.

All the images saved by the Captura program are saved in JPG format. Aside from the three options, the user can also set the JPG compression of the screenshot by movie the slider on the main window, 100 being the highest. The images captured using the application can be edited with another photo editing program, or it can be shared to other users through email. Captura can be used for creating demonstrations, presentations, and sharing the contents of the desktop or window.