capella professional 2008 7.1-16

Capella Software AG (Freeware)

Developed by Capella Software AG, Capella Professional 2008 is a full-featured music notation program. With this software, the user can write and print musical compositions without a high degree of computer literacy. Designed for multiple staff scores including orchestral and choir music, both amateurs and professionals find the notation tool suitable for their creative works.  Aside from its standard music notation tools, Capella includes a guitar chord notation function that comes with guitar tab writing features. Score sheets can be edited and transposed. The digital sheet output can be read using the Capella reader, which also displays, plays, and prints the score.

To enter data, the user can use the PC keyboard, mouse, mouse piano, and MIDI files. The program has MIDI import and export abilities. Scores can be played back as a full score for the orchestra or by a selected single instrument or several instruments. Playback is possible via MIDI devices or with the use of VST (Virtual Studio Technology).

Here are some of the highlights of the application in detail:

• Live voice extraction feature which allows printing and exporting of currently-viewed voices
• Multiple choices for note styles, such as cue notes, percussion, and grace notes
• Convenient automatic formatting for lyrics, slurs, notes, and many more
• Keys, clefs, and barlines can be modified at any point of the composition
• Wide-ranging import and export features including MIDI, MusicXML, and many other graphic formats