Canto® Cumulus® 5.5

Canto® Software (Proprietary)

Canto Cumulus is an application that functions as an archiving system specifically for multimedia data, or what companies and institutions call digital assets and media assets. This is an ideal program for businesses and organizations that deal with a lot of multimedia, such as news outlets, libraries, advocacy groups, and marketing agencies. It can be used for managing and publishing different types of multimedia data, including video, text files, audio, presentations, animations, layouts, and images.

This application is equipped with a search facility with advanced functions that enables users to locate files quickly and easily. This program is available in different editions that depend on the user or company’s needs. There is the Single User version for the home and the Workgroup or Enterprise Edition for businesses.

Cumulus is s designed to easily integrate into the user’s existing workflow and publishing applications. With this feature, users can drag and drop multimedia files out of the program into other applications as well as exchange data with other digital asset databases. Its other features include:
• Ability to print contact sheets
• Create sorted lists
• Improved image slideshow
• Web publishing with customizable thumbnail orientation
• Convert files to other formats

This application automatically reads metadata during cataloguing and creates thumbnails of files. It also creates references to the original data for accurate archiving.