Cantabile 3.0

Topten Software (Shareware)

Cantabile is an audio recorder, MIDI recorder, VST Host, and sequencer. The program allows the user to playback virtual instruments and effects. The audio engine of the program reduces the load of the computer system to the minimum settings. Plug-in support is included for DirectSound, audio recorders, filters, sequencers, and MIDI recorders. A virtual keyboard and MIDI controller is available on the interface.  

Cantabile features an audio recorder that can save directly to WAV files and allows the user to record the input or output sounds. The MIDI recorder can save new file formats; new recordings are automatically loaded in the MIDI Sequencer. The program allows the user to define tempo and time signatures, and customize WAV files and integrated sounds.  The user can customize the tempo by playing notes on the virtual keyboard. A clock function is included for syncing audio with the MIDI sequencer. Recording can be automatic or manually set by the user.

The user can play virtual instruments on the interface and customize audio effects in real time. Plug-ins allow for a series connection to create multiple tracks that can be launched at the same time to deliver different sounds and instruments.

Cantabile comes in 3 editions: Lite for beginners, Solo for more advanced home users, and Performer, which is designed for live user performances and features partial sends, a MIDI clock, routing tables, and triggers.