Canon Utilities RAW Image Converter 1.2.1

CANON INC. (Freeware)

This program is an image converter developed by Canon for its range of PowerShot digital cameras. It allows the conversion of RAW image files, which contain minimally processed data from the device’s image sensor – the digital camera, in the case of this application. These files are labeled RAW as these are not ready for editing or printing. However, files in the RAW format typically contain a wider range of colors and light intensity compared to “final” images such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP, and thus have minimal information loss and higher image quality. The Canon Utilities RAW Image Converter produces output files that are compatible with many popular image converters, and can be used with the File Viewer Utility from the same manufacturer.

This converter supports the modification of RAW files from the PowerShot A5, PowerShot A50, PowerShot A5 Zoom, and PowerShot G1 models. It can likewise work with the PowerShot G2, PowerShot Pro70, PowerShot Pro90 IS, and PowerShot S30 and S40. In conjunction with the Canon File Viewer Utility, the images from these digital devices can be converted into JPEGs or 16 and 8-bit TIFFs. Adjustments to the RAW files are also possible. These tweaks include exposure compensation, color settings, tone curves, sharpness, and other aesthetic enhancements.