Canon Utilities MyCamera

CANON INC. (Freeware)

Canon Utilities MyCamera is the companion software of a Canon digital camera. It is part of an EOS Utility CD package that Canon camera buyers receive after purchase. Canon Utilities MyCamera allows digital camera users to customize what they see on their camera monitors. This software allows users to create animated images with sounds and upload such into the camera for use afterwards.

Canon Utilities MyCamera is accessible via the Start Menu. To launch the program, click Start, check for Canon Utilities, Camera Window, then, My Camera. Canon Utilities MyCamera enables the users to customize the camera behavior at some degree. Users can customize the Start up sound, the Shutter sound, the Operation Sound, and the Self-Timer Sound. For the Start up, users may even choose a theme from over 30 themes available for the start-up animation as well as sound. There are themed images that came built in on the program. Users may choose from over 20 images for their creations.

Canon Utilities MyCamera also features some basic photo editing functions. Users may crop the image before using it. Sounds may be added to images and afterwards uploaded to the camera once finished. Once uploaded, users may view the image creations from the camera menu. Instead of uploading to camera, users may also download the My Camera file directly to the computer instead.