Canon Solution Menu EX 1.4.1

CANON INC. (Freeware)

Solution Menu Ex is an application developed by Canon that is used to perform different printing and scanning commands. Canon is one of the leading manufacturers of digital printers and scanners. The application enables users to print photo calendar or albums and scan several images in one program. Solution Menu Ex serves as a control center for one’s printer and scanner. This program allows users to access different printer or scanner related documents. These files can be accessed without the use of Internet connection. It can also open other applications for printing. During setup configuration, the system creates a reference point, which automatically opens the program when the system reboots.  Once the program is opened, the cnsemain.exe will run. This process will consume an average of less than 1 percent of the total memory of the CPU which is approximately around 37.84 MB RAM. The application supports different operating system. It also supports different languages such as Swedish, English and Greek.

The program can be downloaded in the main website of canon under technical support section. Users may be asked to enter the product serial number to continue the downloading process. User should prepare these codes to access the installer.