Canon MF Toolbox

CANON Inc. (Freeware)

Canon MF Toolbox is a small utility application that enables users to easily manage their scanning and printing tasks. This program works with an external printing or and/or scanning device to scan and then print various documents such as mail messages, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) files, and PDF (Portable Document Format)files. Canon MF Toolbox is distributed for free with installer discs of some Canon scanners and printers, such as the Canon ImageClass 4450. It is also available for free download in the internet.

As the name suggests, Canon MF Toolbox appears as a small tool box arrayed with different buttons used for scanning and printing tasks. This layout allows users to execute scanning and printing activities with a single program, eliminating the need to open multiple programs for each task. Canon MF Toolbox also has a “Settings” button, which allows users to make the necessary changes to their documents before scanning or printing. Users may change the formatting of the page, and the page dimensions such as width and height. This panel also has settings for the printing or scanning device. Users may choose the number of pages to be printed, the paper that shall be used, or the printing orientation. Users may save their own printer or scanner presets for documents that require special formatting. Upon installation, Canon MF Toolbox will scan a user’s computer for available printing or scanning hardware. If multiple devices are detected, Canon MF Toolbox will prompt the user to choose a device that will perform the scanning or printing task.