Canada Hunt

Maximum Family Games (Proprietary)

Canada Hunt is a three-dimensional game that simulates wildlife hunting. It features lifelike animals situated in their natural habitats, adding to the game’s realistic feel. Beginners undergo specialized training levels to help them learn how to play the game and become a professional hunter. It also has a Critter Cam that players can watch to get a view of the game from the animal’s perspective.

Players can select from a range of weapons, ammunitions, and hunting gear such as animal callers to use in the game. They can choose from three different hunting locations: Saskatchewan, where players hunt Whitetail Deer; the Colorado Rockies, where the hunt is for Rocky Mountain Elk; and South Carolina, where Wild Turkeys are the main game. When successful, players earn trophies and move on to the next hunting mission.

Players can switch from first-person to third-person view while walking. When they see an animal, they can point their weapon and shoot. Aiming is guided by crosshairs in the gun’s viewfinder. The game provides custom hunter preferences to suit players of every skill level. It also features an Arcade Mode for players who want a fast-paced shooting action. There are also bonus modes where players can earn more trophies.