Adam Saltsman (Freeware)

Canabalt is a side-scrolling computer game that was first released in 2009. The game is also available in other platforms, such as iOS, PSP, Commodore 64, and Android. The game is never-ending and the player’s goal is to get the highest score by playing the game the longest. At the start of the game, a man is seen running from something and he jumps out of an office building and to the top of the building beside it. The player must then control the man by making him jump from building to building and over all the obstacles that are in the way, such as falling items and those that are planted in place.

The game is controlled using just one button on the keyboard to make the man jump. Missing to jump over one of the obstacles slows down the man’s running speed. Failing to skip on to the next building makes the man fall to his death and end the game. At the end of each run, players can see the length of the total run in meters. The game also features an online ranking system where players from different parts of the world get to compete to see which player gets to run the game the longest.