CrazyPixels - (Shareware)

CamUniversal is an application that enables users to manage their webcams, netcams, and similar devices. It also has a network server function that lets users send video feeds from various cameras to connected computers, making it a useful tool in surveillance. With this application, users can manage as many cameras as they want. This program has support for the following devices:

• Webcams and other video devices, including capture cards and TV tuners – these are directly connected to the users’ computers via parallel port or USB.
• Netcams or IP-Cams – these cameras are accessible through their specific IP addresses and are connected to the Internet or the users’ local or wireless area network.

One of the notable features of this program is RemoteCam. A device is considered a RemoteCam when it receives its video feed from CamUniversal, and enables users to view the feeds from all webcams connected to a computer from another computer on the network. This feature makes both webcams and netcams RemoteCams in the program.

This program also provides a built-in motion detector feature that initiates a number of functions upon motion detection. The functions include email notifications, log file creation, video recording with timestamp, external program execution, picture capturing, and sound notification. Users can also make use of the scheduler to specify when they want the cameras to record feeds and at what intervals.