Digital Pro (Freeware)

CamToPrint is an imaging application that enables users to create personalized photo albums, digital scrapbooks, customized calendars, event invitations, greeting cards, and creative collages. The digital creations may be shared with the user’s family and friends, or with his or her Facebook network. This application makes it easy for users to create albums, calendars, cards, and collages because of its auto design feature. It also has a printing wizard to guide users in making printed copies of their work.

Among the program’s features are the following:

• User interface with easy-to-use commands and controls – novice users will not have difficulty in coming up with professional-looking digital creations. Users may also watch a flash tutorial of the step-by-step process of making invitations, calendars, scrapbooks, cards, and even passport photos.
• Templates, backgrounds, frames, and clipart images – users may download and install collections of templates and backgrounds from the CamToPrint website for free. Drag and drop – users can select photographs and other graphics from their Pictures folder and drop these directly into their chosen template.
• Customizable images – Users can select as many images to use as they want. The images may be rotated and resized, and captions, visual effects, drop shadows, backgrounds, and color enhancements may be added.