Camtasia Player

Camtasia Studio (Freeware)

Camtasia Player is a simple program that plays AVI video files. This video player is developed by Camtasia Studio to complement its video editor, Camtasia Studio. It also comes equipped with the TechSmith Screen Capture codec, which ensures users no longer have to install additional codec to play their videos on Camtasia Player. It was released by Camtasia Studio on July 2008.

Camtasia Player features a simple user interface. It has a small viewing window with function buttons located at the top bar. The menu bar shows the File, Play, and Help menus. The Function bar shows icons for Play, Pause, Stop, Back, Forward, Next, and Previous buttons. The interface also features a volume slide to the right of the buttons. The volume icon to the right of the slider may be clicked to turn the mute on or off.  The bottom right portion of the window shows the status of the player, whether Paused, Stopped, or Playing. The status bar also shows the video duration, as well as the current position the video is playing. The video duration is accurate to the second. Camtasia Player also features a Full Screen mode. It also comes with a Repeat function for automatic replaying of video clips.

Camtasia Player features a simple configuration without requiring a configuration screen. It has a small hardware footprint, requiring minimum system resources.